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Haliburton Provides Insightful & Colorful Take on the Reserve Clause as it Relates to Arizona and Other States Auditing the 2020 Elections

Recently, The Georgia Citizen asked well-known and highly influential Constitutional and Election Law expert Preston Haliburtion his reaction to the Biden Justice Department’s not-so-veiled threat toward the Arizona Legislature’s due diligence in auditing the 2020 election in its state. Haliburton elucidated his insightful opinion on the matter thusly: “In 1787, Jefferson proposed a Bill of Rights to our newly written Constitution. This Bill of Rights was written by Jefferson’s friend and fellow Virginian, James Madison. Many states, including Georgia, refused to ratify this newly formed Constitution which had been chiseled into figurative stone by delegates from the various states from May through September of 1787 in the sweltering heat in Philadelphia. This Constitutional Convention was full of the greatest Patriotic minds from the various states, including Washington, Jefferson, and Madison from Virginia, Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania, and Alexander Hamilton and Gouverneur Morris of New York, the latter of whom actually wrote the famous Preamble (‘We the People of the United States…’) as well as the rest of the final draft along with fellow committee men, James Madison, Rufus King, William Johnson, and Alexander Hamilton. Many states, including Georgia, insisted on the addition of the first ten amendments which we call The Bill of Rights. These delegates to the Constitutional Convention were brilliant and made no mistake when adding the 10th and last amendment to the Bill of Rights: Those rights not delegated to the Federal Government and not prohibited to the States are reserved to the States. In these Reserved Rights are the conducting of elections, counting the votes, and certifying the elections thereof. Any attempt by the Federal Government to chip away at these Constitutional Rights reserved for the States is an egregious and flagrant violation of the United States Constitution and would deservedly cause the inimitable Gouverneur Morris to metaphorically rise from the grave and to kick some Constitutional butt like an old time pugilist.”

Preston Haliburton, Counsel for Attorneys Representing the Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign, Filed Open Records Request on the City of Atlanta and the Fulton County Recreation Authority

Attached is a copy of Mr. Haliburton’s request.

Attorney Preston Haliburton yesterday filed an Opens Records request on the City of Atlanta and the Fulton County Recreation Authority for “security camera footage” of the suite where the votes were counted on November 3rd and 4th in the State Farm Arena. Haliburton hails from Carrollton and has law offices in Carrollton, Atlanta, Warner Robins, and other parts of Georgia.

Collins Still Has Big Lead in Hunch Polling’s Facebook Poll

Congressman Doug Collins has a big lead in Hunch Polling’s latest Facebook Poll. Collins is “again throttling Senator Kelly Loeffler in our 3rd Facebook poll,” says Dr. John Rhodes. “We simply asked the Facebook participants the following: ‘If the election were held today, would you vote for Kelly Loeffler or Doug Collins for U. S. Senator?'”

The subjects of the poll were around 5,000 Facebook readers, most of whom are Republicans. But, all can particpate, Democrats and Independents alike. The base is a large cross section of Republicans. Dr. Rhodes states that “many comments are made for both Collins and Loeffler, and it appears that at least 65% of the participants are supporting Doug Collins.”

Senator Loeffler has definitely climbed in the minds of Georgians. She was embarrassingly trounced in the first two of Hunch Polling’s Facebook polls, garnering only about 20% of the votes. But, throwing about $15 million on television and radio ads have moved the needle.

Hunch Polling has Collins and Loeffler finishing #1 and #2 in this jungle primary, but a Democrat could slip into the #2 position. This race is the race to fill Johnny Isakson’s unexpired term.

Experience Is The Difference In The Wild & Woolly GOP Primary In Georgia’s 7th Congressional District!

Yes, it appears that legislative experience will be the difference in Georgia’s GOP Primary in the wild and woolly 7th Congressional District.  This district has brought national headlines ever since Democrat Carolyn Bordeaux came within a little over 400 votes of defeating long-term Republican Congressman Rob Woodall in 2018.  Traditionally, Georgia’s 7th Congressional District located in Atlanta’s bedroom community of Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties has been considered a safe Republican district.  But, the sprawling county of Gwinnett has seen much demographic change in recent years.  Gwinnett County is now a majority-minority county.  With Woodall retiring from Congress, this race has attracted many candidates, including Ms. Bordeaux in the Democratic Primary.

There are a host of candidates vying for the Republican nomination.  But, it appears that at this juncture that two candidates, State Senator Renee Unterman and political newcomer Rich McCormick, are drawing the most attention.  Within the past week, an anonymous and rather scandalous mailing was sent to voters with Renee Unterman’s photo at the top with the headline, “Why the Bimbo?”  Apparently, this mailing has backfired on the sender(s) because many voters were offended by such uncouthness of the mailing.  Unterman says that such treatment of conservative females makes her even more determined to fight the good fight.   Also, one of the lesser known candidates sent out a video calling McCormick “Phony Rich.”  McCormick appears to hail from “parts unknown,” to use some pro wrestling parlance.  Some are calling him the “Mystery Man.”

Unterman was born and raised in Gwinnett County.  She graduated from Georgia State University with a nursing degree.  She worked for years as a Registered Nurse.  She is closely aligned with the nurses of Georgia.  She later earned a graduate degree from the University of Georgia.  She served as Mayor of Loganville, Gwinnett County Commissioner, several years in the State House, and has served the last 18 years in the State Senate of Georgia where she has championed many conservative causes such as the Heartbeat Bill which she authored.  This bill has been the most pro-life bill offered up in the Georgia legislature.  Senator Unterman has made the fight against human trafficking one of her more ardent causes.  She voted for the largest income tax cut in Georgia history and voted for “stand your ground” legislation to defend Georgians’ Second Amendment rights.  Senator Unterman has been an active Republican for more than three decades, attending many state and national GOP conventions.  Yesterday, former Georgia governor Nathan Deal publicly endorsed Senator Unterman for Congress.  Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, all the Republican mayors in Gwinnett County, the Gwinnett County Commission Chairman, the Gwinnett County District Attorney, and the Gwinnett County Sheriff have all endorsed Senator Unterman for Congress.  The Senator is married and is the mother of two children.

McCormick is a newcomer to this part of Georgian, now living with his wife and children in Suwannee.  He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  He graduated from Oregon State University.  He later earned a MBA from National University, a school located out of San Diego, California and a leader in online education.  McCormick spent more than 20 years in the Marine Corps and Navy and was a Marine helicopter pilot, spending time in Africa, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan.  He apparently first moved to Georgia when attending the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.  Recently, Dr. McCormick has been drawing attention for the political commercials that he is running on FOX News, claiming to be a Republican conservative and a strong supporter of President Trump.  But, Dr. McCormick has come under fire from his opponents who state that McCormick was not that supportive of Trump since he did not vote in the GOP Presidential Primary nor in the General Election in 2016.  Also, there appears to be no evidence that McCormick has ever voted in any Republican Primary in Georgia which is the traditional place where a person can show his or her GOP bona fides.  McCormick has been endorsed by one-term congressman Allen West and also by the Medical Association of Georgia.  Dr. McCormick is married and has seven children.

The crowded GOP field will more than likely cause this race to go to a run-off election.  The run-off will probably be between Senator Unterman and Dr. McCormick.  The real difference in this race does not seem to be issues.  Both candidates appear to be conservative on the issues and are pro-Trump.  The big difference is that one candidate has a Republican legislative record on the issues, and the other candidate does not even have a record of being a Republican.


Mike Lee, Carrollton Businessman and Community Activist, Sued in State Court of Carroll by Joshua B. Stanley

Earlier, The Georgia Citizen reported on a controversy which had been brewing in West Georgia wherein Haralson County resident, Joshua B. Stanley had alleged that Mike Lee, formerly of Douglas County but now a resident of Carrollton, Georgia in Carroll County, had lured him into loaning the businessman $20,000.00 with a promise of a $2,000.00 return on the investment.  According to the allegations as well as a law suit filed by Stanley against Lee in the State County of Carroll County, Mr. Lee was to take the loan and purchase a house — perhaps from those homes in foreclosure and owned by SunTrust Bank where Mr. Lee’s wife, Lisa Lee, was working.  After Mr. Lee renovated the house and sold it (which he did indeed sell), he was, according to Mr. Stanley, to pay back the #20,000.00 and also pay Mr. Stanley an additional $2,000.00 for return on Mr. Stanley’s investment.  According to the law suit, Mr. Lee has done neither.  Mr. Stanley, according to him, was left with a big fat goose egg, so to speak.
Mr. Stanley brought his suit against Mike Lee, who serves on the Board of Directors of West Georgia Technical College and is active in the Midway Baptist Church, Mrs. Lisa Lee, and against the SunTrust Bank.  We have learned that Mr. Stanley later dismissed the actions against the latter two, but the law suit for fraud and other factors against Mr. Mike Lee is still trudging forward through the State Court of Carroll County.
For more details about this controversy, see The Georgia Citizen’s article of April 5, 2016.

John Trotter’s Political Elixir can be Purchased from Amazon or from Big Daddy Publishers

Political Elixir image

“I finished Political Elixir today.  I loved it!  Very intriguing and informative with colorful characters.  Great writing!!” — Stefan Burkhalter.
`’This is a damn good novel.” — J. B. Stanley.
“I couldn’t put it down!” — Norreese Haynes.
“I promise you.  You will love it!  I loved it.” — Michael Vanyo.
“This novel is a page-turner!” — Sharlene Gipson.
“This masterpiece of story-telling is destined to be a number one political novel for any time period, location, or culture.  It ought to be in the library of anyone interested in politics and culture.” — James (Gunny) Yawn.

     Political Elixir is John Trotter’s poignant story of politics told within the textured fabric of the American South as woven by threads of race, sex, class, power, hate, love, hope, and redemption.  Trotter’s story is deftly crafted with the nuanced images which can only be created by a literary artist who has experienced such scenes up close.

This contemporary political novel is rooted in Jackson, Mississippi; Atlanta, Georgia; Salvador, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Washington, D. C.  Southerners are uniquely concerned about roots – where you are from and where happenings took place.  Southerners are more place-bound than any other Americans.  Southerners want to know your background and who your parents are.  That is why this story is such a Southern story.

This is the story of how class, race, sex, hate, power, love, hope, and redemption are interwoven in life.  The backdrop of the story is two near octogenarian white men who are enormously wealthy and fathered two sons by two Negro maids who worked in their respective homes.  These two men, who were close friends since their glory days at Ole Miss University and the University of Georgia Law School, are scions of huge family wealth.  One knew from the beginning that he had sired “a little colored boy.”  The other found out very suddenly many years later.  Both men have big dreams for their mixed-race sons, their African American sons.

This is the story of how all of their lives intersected and formed a powerful bond.  A story of redemption, born of mistrust and doubt.  The near aborted relationships remained intact, though sometimes dangling by the proverbial threads.  The bonds of family prevail.

Johnny Rhodes, Unlikely Hero. We Remember Him.

by John Rhodes Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Johnny Rhodes, my Daddy’s best friend while growing up in the East Highland/St. Elmo area of Columbus and all the way through high school (J. V. H. S., of course), died in the Battle of the Bulge in January of 1945.  This was the last great Nazi offensive, repelled by, I think, the U. S. Third Army under General George Patton.  Johnny Rhodes was quite a character, and I have his portrait in the Daniel D. Trotter Conference Room beside my father’s portrait at the MACE Office.  He rode a motorcycle up and down the halls of Jordan High.  He wore his leather boots and his leather jacket (he had these on in the J Club photo that I also have in my office).  (The J Club was the lettermen’s club.)  My mother says that the girls loved Johnny Rhodes!  He was like their Fonz at Jordan High!  But, of all of my father’s close friends, the United States military would not accept Johnny until he had a hernia operation.

DDT Conference Room 2

Private John A. Rhodes is the young man in the U. S. Army uniform above my forehead in the photo above.  My father, Daniel D. Trotter, Sr., was in the U. S. Navy during World War II.  A Japanese kamikaze plane crashed into my father’s ship, killing most of the sailors.  My father survived but his very best friend died in the Battle of the Bulge.

Johnny Rhodes had the surgery and was accepted into the U. S. Army.  He stayed in the brig quite a bit at Fort Benning, however.  He liked to go AWOL a lot!  He would show up at my Mother’s house on Lawyer’s Lane in Columbus, wanting my grandmother to fix him a breakfast.  She did.  She too loved Johnny Rhodes!  Johnny would kid my mother by saying:  “Trotter’s going to get killed and I’m gonna come home and marry you!”  Of all of my father’s very close friends at Jordan High, only Johnny did not come home.  Daddy told me that one of their mutual friends says that he saw Johnny get off the ship in Belgium in handcuffs.  I presume that he went straight from the brig at Fort Benning to the European theatre of the war.  He was killed fighting the Nazi surge in January of 1945.  His remains are in the Park Hill Cemetery in Columbus.  The flag that was draped over his coffin is with me, as well as his Bible given to him by his mother in 1934.  I also have his $25 War Bonds certificate (composed of 25 cents stamps).  His grandparents (who raised him) sent them to my parents when I was born and was named after him.

Miss Green, who taught at Jordan High for probably over 40 years (she was there when my father was a student and when I was a student) almost never forgave my father for naming me after his best buddy, Johnny Rhodes.  Johnny kept up so much mess in her English class.  Daddy ended up teaching/coaching and being assistant principal at Jordan in the 1950s and 1960s.  My mother says that she doesn’t think that Johnny ever got out of Freshman English, but he sure did entertain the girls in the class.  Miss Green would take him out into the halls, and when they came back into the room, he would be dusting off his hands, as if to say, “I took care of Miss Green.”

Johnny Rhodes, unlikely hero.  We remember him.  Rest in peace.






Another Superintendent Clown? Indeed, What in the Heck is Going on in Rockdale County?

From reading different posts on the internet, it appears that Superintendent Richard Autry has stepped into some deep do do in his short tenure in Rockdale County.  Since when are teachers found “guilty” when they are assaulted and attacked by a student(s)?  We hear that the teacher was even hurt.  Yet, the school system wants the teacher to accept a five-day suspension in this matter.  Animal Farm?  The prisoners are now running the prisons, heh?  Perhaps school systems and school boards should take the sage advice of former Clayton County Board of Education member, Norreese Haynes.  He consistently called for the removal of the “thugs” from the Clayton County School System.  His famous quote was and is, “Order is the first law of the Universe.”  Mr. Richard Autry, Rockdale County schools need more order.  And, quite frankly, the teacher needs an apology…from you, sir.

superintendent clown

Will Rockdale County’s Richard Autry nominated to the Superintendent Clowns of America?

For more reading on this story, follow the link below.

Hey Superintendent Richard Autry, What in the Hell is Going Out in Rockdale County?

West Georgia Businessman, Mike Lee, Has Been Focus of Several Recent Pickets

West Georgia Businessman, Mike Lee, Has Been Focus of Several Recent Pickets

Mike Lee, a Carrollton resident who principally conducts his storage business and house-flipping business in Douglasville, has been the subject and focus of several recent pickets in Douglasville and Carrollton. Mr. Lee was also taken to Magistrate Court in Carrollton by J. B. Stanley who contends that Mike Lee stiffed him of a return on his investment in Lee’s real estate transaction. “I invested $20,000.00 in one of Mr. Lee’s real estate transactions in February of 2015. I wired the money to his attorney. Our explicit agreement was that when Mr. Lee sold the house that he was flipping after renovations that I would get my $20,000.00 back plus a two thousand dollar return on my investment,” Stanley contends. Apparently Lee sold the house in July, and Stanley apparently got back neither his original investment nor the ten percent return on the investment. Eventually, Stanley took Lee to court on “theft by conversion,” and the very public pickets began.

Mike Lee2

Mr. Lee apparently is active in Midway Baptist Church in Carroll County and serves on the West Georgia Technical College Board of Directors. Two of the pickets were staged in front of the corporate office of West Georgia Technical College on the town square in Carrollton. This got the attention of the West Georgia Tech administrators, including President Steve Daniel. The administrators were urging the picketers to try to resolve the matters privately. One of the picket signs called upon Midway Baptist Church and West Georgia Technical College to “help” with the money. A red picket sign stated, “Seeing Red Over $22,000.00!” Mr. Stanley’s pink sign read, “Give Me Back My Money!” A yellow sign asked, “Mike Lee, Where’s the Money?” A green sign bluntly stated, “Mike Lee, Give Back the Money!”

Mike Lee3

Mr. Lee and his wife are apparently active in the Carrollton High School Cheerleaders Booster Club where their daughter is a cheerleader and was the football homecoming queen.

Mike Lee4

Mr. Stanley stated to The Georgia Citizen that the Magistrate Court Judge asked both parties to attend mediation. Mr. Stanley stated that after the mediation and the second picket that Mr. Lee offered to pay $15,000.00. “I refused that amount because I want all of my money back.” Asked if there will be any more pickets, Mr. Stanley stated, “Definitely. One is planned for the Carrollton High School graduation. Trust me. This won’t be a Trojan Horse,” he stated in obvious reference to the Carrollton High School mascot.

Mike Lee12

Mike Lee16

Mr. Stanley states that Mr. Lee has acknowledged to him and his attorney that he owes the money. “How does this man think that he can just cheat someone out of $22,000.00 and get by with it?” Stanley rhetorically asked.

Mike Lee22

The Georgia Citizen attempted to contract Mr. Lee at his place of business in Douglas County, but he was not available for comment. His secretary stated that Mr. Lee would be out of town until next week. Should Mr. Lee want to comment on whether or not he pilfered $22,000.00, The Georgia Citizen will certainly provide him space to do so.

Mike Lee11

Mike Lee17

Mike Lee1

It’s Official! Vickie Warren of Murray County, William A. Hunter of Polk County, Randy Rodgers of Montgomery County, and Mychele Rhodes of McDuffie County are the Latest Georgia School Superintendents Inducted into the Superintendent Clowns of America!

superintendent clown

 Damn Good Clown!

1. Crawford Lewis (formerly of DeKalb County, Georgia but now criminally indicted).  Crawford Lewis‘s trial is coming up very soon.  Among other felonious charges, Mr. Lewis is facing RICO charges.  Oh, did we mention that the Crawford Lewis Administration tried to ban Dr. John Trotter of MACE from the DeKalb County premises?  It all stared when Ronald (RonRamsey (a State Senator, no less!) shut down a grievance of a teacher who was being represented by Dr. Trotter when it appeared that much discussion and evidence about “systematic cheating” was about to emerge in the hearing.  Now you that Dr. Trotter was not going to take this sitting down!  [Crawford Lewis was indicted and awaits trial.]

2. Edmond Heatley (the beleaguered superintendent of Clayton County, Georgia).  Believe it or not, this superintendent clown is actually about to be offered a job by the Berkeley United School District in California.  The people of Clayton County are jumping for joy to be getting rid of this clown!  The Gypsy nature of these “national” superintendents only point to the depths that public education in the U. S. has sunk.  Stay turned for a forthcoming book from Dr. John Trotter and Norreese Haynes entitled The MACE Manifesto:  A Declaration of What is Really Wrong With Public Education wherein they discuss what they call “educational sluts” — those superintendents who just jump from one school board bed to the next, depending on what they are paid.  [Edmond Heatley abruptly resigned his job in Clayton County, GA apparently thinking that he was going to become the superintendent of Berkeley, CA.  But, Dr. Trotter was quoted frequently in the Berkeley and San Francisco newspapers.  He did not get the job.]

3. Jerry Bell (Hart County, Georgia).  Jerry Bell flubbed up royalty in trying to get rid of one of his good, experienced teachers in Hart County.  First of all, he gave the teacher insufficient notice in the charge letter.  In other word, Mr. Bell did not go by due process as outlined in the Georgia Statutory CodeDr. John Trotter with MACE outlined this to Mr. Bell, the school board members, the Hart County school board lawyers (Harben, Hartley and Hawkins), and to the media.  Mr. Bell, in his apparent stubbon way, continued to forge ahead.  His recommendation to non-renew the teachers contract was not upheld by a majority of the school board members, and the teacher still has a teaching job.  Vivian Morgan, the reporter with the Hartwell Sun newspaper, stated that Mrs. Tressa Blackwell‘s MACE attorney, Mr. Lowell Chatham, “was phenominal.”  [Jerry Bell, we understand, just secured a superintendent’s job in his home of Haralson County, GA.]

4. Romain Dallemand (Bibb County, Georgia). Romain Dallemand still sits atop the Bibb County Board of Education, but some new blood is coming on the school board in January.  New school board member and Macon attorney Jason Downey is bound to ask some pertinent questions of Dallemand.  The MACE Strike Force appeared downtown Macon on historic Mulberry Street in front of the Bibb County Courthouse to protest against Dallemand and his “Macon Nightmare.”  This picket was carried in the media, including extensive coverage on Macon’s NBC 41 television news.  With Edmond Heatley apparently headed back to California, Dallemand may be sitting with Hart County‘s Jerry Bell at the top of those superintendents in Georgia who are the most clownish in their roles as superintendents.  [MACE picketed Dallemand two times in downtown Macon and both pickets were televised on local TV.  He was forced out in Macon and sued the school board, but the suit was dismissed by the judge.]

5. Beverly Hall (the disgraced former superintendent of Atlanta City, Georgia).  What can we say about Beverly Hall?  According to the New York Times, she oversaw the greatest cheating scandal in the history of American schools.  But, what has happened to her?  Has her certificate been yanked…like the teachers’?  Has she faced any criminal or civil sanctions?  It does indeed seem like the big guys and gals seem to get off scot free, doesn’t it?  MACE never bought into Beverly Hall‘s snake oil showMACE fought her every step of the way!   [Beverly Hall was indicted but before she could stand trial, she succumbed to cancer.]

6. Luvenia Jackson, the interim superintendent of Clayton County Schools in Georgia was brought out of retirement.  She has been demonstrating lately that her administration does not understand the importance to go by the Georgia Law for Certified Employee Complaints (O. C. G. A. 20-2-989.5 et seq.).  Former superintendent Edmond Heatley wanted to routinely violate this law as well.  The MACE teachers union effectively took on Heatley for this and many other issues.  Both superintendents were perhaps looking for “advice” from education attorney, Glenn Brock.  One of MACE‘s picket signs yesterday stated, “Luvenia, Quit Listening to ‘Legal Pimps’ and Obey the Law!”  Apparently, Ms. Jackson had the top security personnel in the school system to come and try to remove the MACE picketers from the public forum.  We have a feeling that she (and others superintendents in Georgia) will be receiving a lesson on the First Amendment and Free Speech from MACE‘s Chairman of the Board, Dr. John Trotter.

7. Mychele Rhodes of McDuffie County (Georgia) School System.  See separate article about Ms. Rhodes on this site.

8. Vickie Reed of Murray County (Georgia) School System heads up one of, if not, the most dysfunctional school system in Georgia.  The horrors of this systems makes one recall the movie “Deliverance.”

9. Randy Rodgers of Montgomery County (Georgia) School System is a weak superintendent who, like Vicki Reed and Mychele Rhodes, seems to have no qualm suspending the Teacher of the Year, Brad Lord, because a coach on staff, the husband of the principal (nepotism, anyone?), apparently confronted this teacher because he and the principal/wife had strong disagreements in a meeting over the TKES evaluation.  So, what does Superintendent Randy Rodgers do?  He suspends Mr. Lord, who was apparently the one invited by the husband/coach to meet him in a local park at 3:45 that afternoon to settle the matter.  Rodgers, Reed, and Rhodes (3R) of Montgomery, Murray, and McDuffie (3M) just nonchalantly ignore the mandates of the Georgia Statutory Code (OCGA 20-2-940[g]) when it comes to suspending a teacher.

Randy Rodgers, Montgomery County

Montgomery County (GA) Superintendent, Randy Rodgers

10. William A. Hunter, erstwhile superintendent of Brantley and McIntosh Counties (we think forced out in both counties), but now of Polk County.  Trouble seems to have followed Mr. Hunter from McIntosh County when he arrived on the scene in Polk County.  This former Arkansas banker seems to have his detractors in Polk County, as we recently received this characterization of his administration in Polk County:

“Nepotism, favoritism, retaliation, bullying, no-bid contracts, hiring without posting jobs, fraternization, Apple/PSD conflict of interest, God knows what else. Not to mention that he was FIRED from his last two jobs. Mass exodus of good, long time teachers. Culture of fear and intimidation.”

We are sure that Mr. Hunter would say that he and the school boards “mutually agreed” to his resignations.  As in all cases, we welcome the comments of any of the superintendents highlighted on this blog.

Note:  The above article first appeared in 

Comments on this article and all articles on this blog are always welcome.  On this particular article, The Georgia Citizen welcomes comments from the superintendents highlighted here.

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