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16 thoughts on “Welcome To The Georgia Citizen!

  1. Rev. Jimmy Jack Bourbon on said:

    Well, well, it’s getting about that time again. Ole Roy Barnes (Sir Redneck with a Smile) and Thurbert (Sirs in the Society, Will Thou Bless Me?) Baker and DuBose (I Have a Funny Name and I Have Waited Long Enough) Porter are just beginning to do the Fundraisin’ Dance which precedes the Donkey Primary. In 1990, Give’em Hell Zell tied up the money, and Ole Roy finished down the pack. Bobby Kahn wouldn’t let that happen in 1998. Roy cornered the market on the money game. Roy’s planning a comeback. The ole boy first got elected to the State Senate at 25 years old. His problem? He’s too efficient in governing, and this pisses off many folks who think that he comes off as arrogant.

    Thurbert Baker has played the game safely and deftly, so to speak. He was appointed by Zell Miller, and he’s won statewide in his own right, sometimes pissing off black political leaders by throwing some bones to the Right Wing Nation on some high profile criminal cases. A nice guy, though. He spent a few years representing DeKalb in the State Senate. He wants dearly to be backed by the Boys of the Society, but Roy and Dubose are members of that Athenian Club as well, and the good reverend believes that this vote will be hopelessly fractured.

    The good reverend also believes that Dubose’s dreams of becoming governor are just that…fanciful dreams. He too is a barrister, having graduated from Cumberland Law School (Samford University). He puts out a good, sprightly newspaper in Dublin…eh, Georgia, that is. He did show some mettle when he bowed up at Tom Murphy a few years ago, and Ole Thomas B. Murphy quicky brought Dubose Porter to the Big House, offering him a nice office in the Capitol itself.

    Fellow Reprobates, I’ve gotta run. Gotta go let the cleaning crew in at the church. Tomorrow is Sunday, ya know. At The Georgia Citizen, we don’t collect tithes so don’t be afraid to attend. I’ll just share some of the morsels of wisdom which I sometimes pick up around my parsonage and among my brethren and sistern.

    • Buck Haralson on said:

      It is great to see you again reverend. Glad, to see you finally have a place, where all of your internet disciples can meet. I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I agree “Red Neck” Roy will win the donkey race; however, the years of single party democratic rule are over. Nationally the GOP is in real trouble. In Georgia, they are safe and sound. Great hearing from you pastor!

      • Rev. Jimmy Jack Bourbon on said:

        Brother Buck: It’s good to hear from you too! How’s things out there in West Georgia? Carroll County might tip to the GOP in 2010, but there’s many folk out there and thoughout the State who have been very negativley touched by the ravaging effects of this economy. I think that the 2008 Presidential Election should be a wake-up call for the State GOP. I know that you actually hail from Haralson County which obviously has always been solid Tom Murphy Country. More Republican-leaning new home dwellers in Pike and Paulding to the north helped defeat the ole Rascal from Bremen (who refused to change the boundaries of his district), but will this group remain faithful to the GOP in this economy ? This is the question.

        Roy Barnes is leading the pack in early polling in the Democratic Primary of likely candidates. He’s done the charity work, even giving a hefty amount of personal money recently to the Polio Foudation. He’s done a plethora of pro-bono legal cases. He’s much more humble now. I don’t think that he will make the same mistake of messing with the State’s teachers. They rose up in 2000 and threw him (literally) out of office. If the race boils down to him and, say, an Oxendine- or a Eric Johnson-type GOP candidiate (somewhat rigid and mean-spirited like the Old Newt), well, I don’t know, but I’ll bet a small bottle of Jim Beam that I have hidden in this Church Study that Roy Barnes will take the Governor’s Mansion by storm, and “May-rie” will be jumping for joy that her beau has redeemed himself in Georgia history. Both of these two, Roy and “May-rie,” are very conscious of his place in history. When Roy sat under the doom at the old law school in Athens and twirling the hair on the top of his famous mop, he was not always cogitating on Blackstone and the law; rather, he was often dreaming of his conquests to come in the Georgia Political Arena.

        Buck, it’s good to hear from you again. I better get out of this office and find Sister Bourbon because we’re heading down to Pointe South to eat some of the best fried Gospel Bird that I have ever had at Sister Cinnamin’s, including that which can be purchased in Marietta at the Big Chicken!

        Buck, it sounds like you are leaning toward the GOP. You better tell your party to get ole Blue Eyes back into the race. Right now, he’s their only hope.

        I remain your friend, your fellow reprobate, and your obedient servant, Jimmy Jack

  2. Earl of Fort Liquordale on said:

    Hey Rev., do you think that you have found us a home? I began to feel like Blogging Palestinians, and quite frankly, I was getting pretty mad. You and I have been kicked off of many blogs and have had a hand in shutting down one or two. The Mrs. has gone to the Pompano Flea Market — like she does each last Saturday of the month. I’ve been telling Abe and Eli that we’re gonna have us a great Governor’s race this coming year, and it looks like it is already beginning to get a’brewin’. I love it! The races for governor down here in the Sunshine State aren’t near as heated as the good ones up in Georgia. Keep us posted about what’s happening. We can’t find anything real good on the AJC.Com. It’s getting more and more small — is that what you and your intellectual friends call an oxymoron? I know that I’m just a boy from Cabbagetown, but I have met many a moron in my days, and I had to whip most of them’s asses. I know that it’s suppose to be “their asses,” but the Mrs. ain’t here today, and I can write the hell the way I want to when she is gone. I taught school 32 years in Clayco (Forest Park High School under Milton McDonald and at Jonesboro under Fred Smith). I know how to write, but the older I get, the more I like reverting back to my days in Cabbagetown and old Roosevelt High School.

    Rev., how ’bout telling us your thoughts on the GOP Primary? You know that Abe and Eli and I do the gambling pool down here at the Condo. I hate playing shuffle board. The gambling makes life more liveable down here — as well as going snook fishin’ with ole Abe and Eli off the Las Olas and 14th Street bridge. We don’t tell our babes but sometimes we try to sneek in a peek at the bikini-clad coeds at the beach off Las Olas. One time, the Mrs. caught me and banned me from the computer (and my laptop!) for a month! I told her that she couldn’t treat me like that…I grew up off Carroll Street in Cabbagetown.

    • Rev. Seymore Butts on said:

      Earl, it’s good to see you and the Mrs. back on board, so to speak. My “Mrs.,” Ophelia, and I were banned from the AJC.Com blogs just like you were infamously banned (and eventually shut down) the Clayton News/Daily blog. This blog is like manna from heaven! Free at last! Free at last! We can now tell the truth about everyone — without respect for persons — and without fear of being banned as if we were second class citizens. The word will certainly go forth that some good-hearted benefactor has now set up a kind, benevolent blog which will allow Rev. Bourbon and his cousins and cohorts to go forth preaching the word about the Marine Sergeant that this new foolish board brought to Clayco. Thanks a lot, Glenn Brock. I am sure that Glenn Brock and his voracious Marietta law firm will end up as the school board attorneys; then, and only then, you will know the rest of the story. (Alieka doesn’t know that she has been played like a violen.) This whole sordid ordeal was about “outside influences” like the Fake Emperor at SACS, Mark Elgart, and the “Brock [and] Clay” law firm of Marietta making money. Poor Alieka Anderson doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the rain as far as running the school system. Pam Adamson of District One (she will surely have strong opposition in 2010) and Glenn Brock lead around Alieka by the nose as if she has a gold ring in her nose. Ghetto Fabulous! Edmond Heatley doesn’t realize it yet, but the Drill Sergeant has meant his match in Clayco. Clayco is no Chino Valley. Clayco is a Superintendents Graveyard, especially for the arrogant souls who come thinking that they will set us straight. We are a little like Southern Missouri. We just keep fighting even when the war is over. Welcome to the Atlanta Ozarks, Lil Boy Heatley!

  3. Evangelist Elvis on said:

    Hey Earl, this here is your cousin Elvis. We’ve just finished a great Prosperity Living In Tough Economic Times Seminar down here in Boca. I gave a call to Abe and Eli but didn’t have time to go by there and see them and you and the Mrs. But, next time I’m on the Gold Coast (and I do mean GOLD!!! because we raked in more money than ever teaching those rich folks about prosperity living!), I do promise to get by there and see all of you, including the Mrs., Hilda, and Wilma. Hey, I see that you and the Rev. done found us a blogging home. Although I’m a pretty successful televangelist (with a Gulf Stream and so forth), I still like to see what’s going on back in Georgia and Clayco. (You and the Mrs. do remember that I stayed with you guys that summer in Clayco, and we ate a lot chicken livers at Butch’s!) Earl, I’ve still got my money on that Casey Cagle. I think that I was getting a Word from the Big Guy that Casey’s career will resurrect real soon! The family will bless it, and he’ll be off to the races…with those charming blue eyes. If I were a woman, I know that I’d be voting for him! My baby Reba just loves her some Casey Cagle — and that name! Wow! He could rake in millions serving the Lord! John Oxendine comes off like that John Hagee. I met Hagee at pastors’ conference in Hawaii — the only reason I went was because it was in Hawaii. I don’t know. Some folks just come off like they were baptized in lemon juice.

  4. Rev. Jimmy Jack Bourbon on said:

    Shhhhhh. I sneaked back into my Study before I have to get up in the pulpit to share a word or two. Many of my parishioners here at the Hosea Williams Memorial Church of Reconciliation and World Peace Beginning in Clayco have told me that they saw me on this website. I didn’t want to spoil in for them — so I didn’t tell them that Brother O’Keefe set up this website for me. Yes, baby! He says that I now have free reign and that the AJC.Com Police can’t monitor me. I want to delve into the politics of the Republican Primary next, but that’ll have to come after services today. I have a lot of Gospel Bird to at Sister Cinnamin’s house after church. She sho can cook dat Gospel Bird!

    I think that it will be Barnes in a makeover for governor. Thurmond for Lieutenant Governor, and I sure do hope that Gail Buckner runs for this as well. This way, we can get rid of her in Clayco. Maybe she’ll take Little Boy Michael Glanton with her. The Ox looks like a petulent, spoiled kid. He comes across as mean. Nathan Deal has some gravitas, but it looks like he’s trying to throw it away just to satisfy the right-wing kooks in the GOP. The Gray Ghost of Gainesville would lose toe-to-toe against Roy. With the State’s economy in a shambles, people will be looking for a smart, effficient technocrat to solve matters. That could be Roy’s calling. Now, he had better just leave alone the teachers. He needs to tell the truth…we have too many student-thugs running our schools. He needs to focus on getting rid of the thugs in our schools…student-thugs and administrative-thugs.

  5. James G. Delaney Robinson on said:

    You guys are really overlooking Karen Handel. She did a decent job in a difficult job as the Fulton County Commission Chair, and she’s been very capable as the Secretary of State. Some want to question her academic credentials, but Harry Truman wasn’t too much of a slouch as President. He never attended one day of college, but he damned near memorized the Encyclopedia Britannica. It will be Handel and a male candidate in a run-off. Mark my words.

  6. Lil Enzie on said:

    Thurbert Baker is wasting his time. Dubose Porter is wasting his time. If Roy Barnes runs, then it’s over. He is the Democratic nominee. The GOP is wide open at this point. John Oxendine? He’s got some baggage now that a smart Democrat like Roy Barnes is very capable of exploiting, and ole Roy will have the money. My money is on Roy.

    By the way, Rev. Bourbon, what do you think about that new superintendent that the Clayton County School Board just hired? Edmond Heatley…he’s gonna get some HEAT-ley before it’s over. He came to Clayton on a 5 to 4 vote! Is he crazy — or were they just that ready to get rid of him in Chino Valley, California. I know that John Trotter and the MACE teachers union will give him hell at the right time…just like they are now giving that crazy Crawford Lewis hell in DeKalb County. My daughter-in-law still teaches in DeKalb but she says she dreads going to work each day. The kids are awful! Bullies?! Hell, these kids are thugs…they bully the teachers! Dr. Trotter is about the only soul crazy enough to stand up to the superintendents who keep the teachers making bricks with no straw like the pharoahs did to the Israelites before Moses led them out!

    You know that Sara and I are still over her off 81 Hwy in Stockbridge. Y’all come see us! I see that Rev. Butts ain’t liking that Edmond Heatley hire one bit. Wait till he goes down the school board to speak. Glenn Brock, Alieka Anderson, and Larry O’Keefe won’t be able to find their butts (no pun intended) with two hands if all ten fingers were flashlights!

  7. frazier on said:

    Hey,who knows this Preston Haliburton lawyer? I watched him in the courtroom this week in Gwinnett County, and he was kicking ass and he made the judge himself look like a fool.

    • FRED on said:




  8. Earl of Fort Liquordale on said:

    Hey my friends up in the Peach State: The word traveling all the way down here to the Gold Coast (I still have my contacts, especially in Clayco) is that the Clayton County School System is just flat-out broke. No money. The word is that Thompson & Gang left the system financially strapped. Also, the word is that Eugene Walker, school board member in DeKalb, may have some major conlicts-of-interests going on while serving on the school board. Hey Mark Elgart, do you hear that — oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that your buddy Dan Colwell didn’t get fired in DeKalb…so you’ll leave DeKalb alone. You just want to totally destroy one school system and one community (property values plummeting, businesses leaving, etc.) every forty years or so. Just one…of the nearly thousand school systems! SACS…what a complete joke! Mark Elgart ought to be ashamed of what he did. Like Norreese Haynes said the very day that the SACS Report came out (February 15, 2008), it was “a sham and a farce.” Go to and look under The Lion’s Den, and you can read Mr. Haynes’s criticism of this report. The Mrs. and I read it when Mr. Haynes published it. He is so right. The Mrs. and I taught in and retired from the Clayton County School System, and what Mark Elgart did to destroy this system — all ostensibly to help the children — is quite unconscionable. (Eli is sitting here drink coffee with me. He told me to use that last word. Hell, I couldn’t even spell it, but I like that word now!) Eli and Abe and I caught eight nice size snook last night. We’re going to have a fish fry on Eli and Hilda’s balcony at lunch today. It’s not all bad living down here in the used condo. But, without laptops and computers to keep up with what is going on back up there, I’d crazy. Shuffle-boarding? I’d rather eat an onion sandwich!

    • Lizzard Louie Wilkins on said:

      Earl: I know how to balance the budgets in the school systems…Get rid of at least half of the central office administrators! They are useless and only CREATE more busy work and paper work for the teachers just to try to justify their jobs. These are “political” appointments anyway…just plum jobs for friends and relatives. Private schools exist wonderfully (and much better than public schools) just because they DON’T have these interfering bureaucrats! That’s my thinking, my friend, Earl. Remember when you I taught in Clayco even up into 1986 and Clayco still just had two Assistant Superintendents (Dr. Clifford England and Emmet Lee) and one Administrative Assistant (Pete McQueen). The system ran like a top. The people were competent, didn’t interfere with the teaching, and backed teachers to the hilt when it came to discipline! We need to go back to that type of school system…oh yes, don’t forget that the “board of education” (paddle) was used freely and often. Now, I hear it’s just thugs (students and administrators) running the schools in Clayton, DeKalb, Atlanta, and other systems. This is the way I’m thinking out here in Madison, Georgia. Earl, you and the Mrs. need to come up and stay with Jean and me for a few days. Take care, Lizzard

      • Rog G. on said:

        Lizzard: I thought you had moved to the Mountains like the other Clayco Expatriates. Actually, there are three Clayco Refugee Camps…Pickens County, Peachtree City/Newnan, and Pike County. I understand Mike Duncan is actually the superintendent down in Pike and that Gerald Matthews lives down there too. Bill Horton, David Gregory, Jesse Hunter, and others have long since settled in up there in Pickens. Ole Dan and Nancy Colwell have actually been in Peachtree City for a number of years. They were called “Interlopers” while they were still working in the Clayco School System. This used to really get under Dan’s skin to be called an “Interloper.” I see that Earl and the Mrs. are down there in “Ft. Liquordale.” It was actually called that back in the Prohibition Days when they used to bring the booze in from the islands to Ft. Lauderdale. I know that ole Earl will have fun wherever he and the Mrs. are. He is a quintessential good ole boy in the good sense. He was born and raised in Cabbagetown with Harry W. Brown who started his first chiropractic clinic right there in the Arrowhead Shopping Center on Tara.. Earl and the Mrs. still vote in Clayco. They still own their “honeymoon cottage” (as Earl always called it) in Rex Mill. Now that I see that you and Jean are in Madison, we can get together. I am enjoying this new blogging site. I see that they haven’t kicked off Earl yet! He basically shut down the News/Daily blog. He was a hoot on that site! Gotta to run.

  9. Bishop Buddy B. Love on said:

    I want to know when they crazy school board in DeKalb County is going to get rid of three people…Crawford Lewis, State Senator Ronald B. Ramsey, and Attorney Josie Alexander. The school system would be better off when these three are gone. They need to go out there and try to make a living on their own, not suck off the public trough.

  10. thegeorgiacitizen on said:

    I don’t think that they need to worry about Crawford Lewis anymore. Again, the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE) was right about him too. Go to their website. It’s a hoot!

    By the way, I don’t know if lawyer Josie Alexander is still on board out there anymore.

    Senator Ronald Ramsey? What can we say? He illegally shut down a teacher grievance riht when a teacher was prepared to blow the whistle on systematic cheating!

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