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Roy Eugene Barnes Can’t Get Rid Of The Fever!

Just like the man for whom he was named,

Eugene Talmadge, Roy Eugene Talmadge wants

to run again for governor of Georgia.  Once you

have lived on West Paces Ferry Road, the other

neighborhoods just pale in comparison.  Near

by you have the Roxy, Johnny’s Hideaway, the

ESPN Zone, Lenox and Phipps, Nava, Blue Point,

Fogo De Chao, and the W Hotel.   For a 61 year old and his

bride, this simply beats Marietta on the Square.

Roy ran in 1990, 1998, 2002, and now 2010.

Eugene ran five times, losing only once to Ellis

Arnall because Talmadge had wrangled with

the leadership at UGA and cost briefly the

University’s accreditation.  Should Roy stay

home or jump back in the ring?  Is Roy just a

political addict or does Georgia really need him

now?  Make it plain!

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4 thoughts on “Roy Eugene Barnes Can’t Get Rid Of The Fever!

  1. Scared School Teacher on said:

    Those were very scary days when Roy Barnes was governor. I never have been very political, but I worked very hard (for me) in the 2002 campaign getting all of my relatives and friends at church to vote for Sonny against Roy, and I was one of the happiest people ever when Sonny scored the big upset. A Georgia school teacher would have to be a little wacko to vote for Roy Barnes for governor in 2010.

  2. Dr. John Trotter on said:

    Roy Barnes is a smart man, but I just don’t think that he gets it. The problem in public education is not “standards.” It’s “discipline,” Governor. The schools are chaotic, especially in the more urban settings. This is just the truth. No way to dress it up. Students curse out the teachers, are defiant on a regular basis, won’t even bring a pencil or paper to class (much less books), bully fellow students and the teachers, and are simply not engaged in academe. This is not true of all the students, but this is the general rule with the many thugs who are both running and ruining our public schools. Governor, there are four main problems in public education, and if you could come to grips with these problems and not offer up the easy political answer for failing public schools (like “We need highter and stricter standards”), then I could possibly support you, my fellow Bulldog. You, dear Governor Barnes, are very smart, efficient, and effective in governing but if you cannot come to grips with the real problems in public schooling, then I can do no other except to work against your election. These are the preeminent problems in public schooling in Georgia (and probably across America) today: (1) Defiant and Disruptive Students; (2) Irate and Irresponsible Parents; (3) Angry and Abusive Administrators; and (4) Widespread and Systematic Cheating on Grading and Testing. Now, Governor Barnes, if you would accept this reality and start pounding the theme that you want to restore the authority of the teachers in their classrooms and that you want to remove the thugs from our schools, then you will realize that the same teachers who worked so hard against you in 2002 (and who are still so reluctant to accept your candidacy now) would jump on your bandwagon and go to work for you. Learn something from the Bill Clinton playbook after he was turned out of office in Arkansas and was the youngest ex-Governor in (perhaps the history of) America. Just apologize to the teachers and quit using them as political fodder. You teacher-(like race)baited in 2002. It back-fired on you in 2002, and it will destroy you again if you do not demonstrate to the teachers of Georgia that you have finally seen the light. Swallow that pride, show some genuine remorse (ala Mike Vick), and your fortunes (at least among teachers) will probably change. If you don’t, then you don’t at your own political peril. Teachers do vote, and they also persuade others. (c) MACE, 2009

  3. Buck Haralson on said:

    Kids nowadays aren’t engaged in “academe” or anything else besides cell phones and Ipods. I have seen kids acting up and being disrespectful all over the place right in front for their parents, McDonalds, Walmart, Publix, and many other places. I can’t imagine trying to get the kids to stay seated, much less teaching them anything. Now they talk about not giving teachers a cost of living raise. I don’t think any of Georgia’s Govs get it. Roy Barnes did not get it when he was governor.

  4. Willard on said:

    Roy is pushing hard to get the teachers’ vote this time. I think that Roy Barnes will be the next governor…defeating Karen Handel or John Oxendine.

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