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Why I Will Not Vote For President Obama Again

Eight Points To Ponder

By John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

Budgetary Incompetence – The Obama Administration had not offered the U. S. Congress a budget in over a thousand days.  This demonstrates an utter lack of understanding of the budget process.  The Axelrod-run campaign may try to eviscerate the Ryan Budget, but the Obama Administration simply offers no plan at all.  In fact, the administration refuses to even offer up a budget.  This simply demonstrates total incompetence, especially when the Federal Deficit is almost $16,000,000,000,000.00.  Yes, this is over 16 Trillion Dollars.  In this all important area of public life, President Obama has richly earned the adjective of “incompetent.”  Several countries, including Greece, Italy, and Spain are teetering on financial disaster.  Several cities in California have already declared bankruptcy.  This could happen to our U. S. Government (whose credit rating has already been downgraded) if the Budget is not brought into control.  Under President Obama, the U. S. Budget Deficit has spiraled out of control.   Yes, it was bad under the previous administration which got us into two wars which may not have been wise to do, but under the Obama Administration, the spending relative to the deficit has simply gone out of control and the Budget Deficit has grown more under this administration than the all other Presidential administrations combined.

Energy Lockdown – President Obama appears to be 100% against the U. S. A. becoming energy independent.  He demonstrates his intransigence against any effort to become energy independent with his inexplicable opposition to the Keystone Pipeline and further drilling in the Gulf.  Our country has millions of acres of land under which lies oil (especially in the western states of the Continental U. S. as well at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge [ANWR] of Alaska which has billions and billions of barrels of recoverable oil).  Natural gas and coal are plentiful in the U. S. but, again, President Obama’s Administration refuses to issue the requisite licenses to engage in exploration for these natural resources, thus requiring the U. S. A. to be dependent on oil from countries which despise us.  Giving a half billion dollars of tax money to outfits like Solyndra will not solve our energy problems.  These gifts and other similar gifts were crony capitalism at best and pay-backs to political contributors at worse.

Abortion on Demand – I try not to be a one-issue voter but I realize that President Obama cares little for the life of the unborn.  Yes, the “life” of the unborn.  The babies are born because they have “life,” not in order to get “life.”  The U. S. Congress passed legislation that would ban partial birth abortions (viz., babies actually coming down the birth canal) but President Clinton vetoed this legislation, actually assuring that babies would be murdered before they could come out of the birth canal.  This is unconscionable.  Another vote for President Obama would almost ensure that he would appoint more judges and justices who would protect this “right” to murder these babies.

Entitlements Galore – The Democrats have apparently figured out that if they can continue to give away money and benefits from the U. S. Government, then those who receive the money and benefits will continue to vote for them.  Back in 1996, President Clinton and the Republicans in the U. S. Congress “did away with Welfare as we knew it.”  Welfare recipients, by law, were required to go to work or give up any benefits from Welfare.  Many American went off the Welfare rolls and became employees with salaries and dignity.  Recently, President Obama simply by Executive fiat, told the Federal Government and the Welfare recipients that they no longer need to go by this law.  Interminable Entitlements are destroying the Federal Budget.  I am for the U. S. Government helping those who can’t help themselves (children, handicapped, elderly, et al.) and helping the military personnel and low-income students via the G. I. Bill and Pell Grants to go to colleges, universities and technical schools, but giving away money in an endless cycle to those who refuse to work is crazy, especially when the money given away comes from those who get their butts out of bed and work each day.  An entitlement state will not long endure.  Our country must be a robust republic with people working for a living, not relying on the State for a dole.

International Confusion – President Obama seems to be confused about which countries are our allies.  What he did to Poland relative to its defense against its traditional enemy, Russia, without even consulting with the Poles is indefensible.  His attitude and actions toward Israel is mind-boggling.  Sending back the bust of Sir Winston Churchill is insulting – not only to the British but to Americans who see Great Britain as our number on ally in the world.  Bowing to foreign kings is simply unacceptable.  Using an “I will be nice to countries like Iran” has not worked.  Iran is knocking on the nuclear door, and the Obama Administration apparently just watches.

Socialist Tilt – President Obama appears to love “government,” thinking that it can cure all ills of society.  He demonstrates his glaring lack of appreciation of what it takes to start a business and to run a business.  After all, Barack Obama has never started a business and has never had to meet a weekly or monthly payroll.  “You didn’t build that [the antecedent for “that” is “business”]” will come back to haunt the President.  It is business which makes the U. S. different and successful.  Denigrating American business just shows how far out of the mainstream that President Obama is.  His heroes are Sol Alinsky and Bill Ayers, not Henry Ford and Steve Jobs.  The government which does less and stays out of the way of the American people is the best government, a government to the liking of Thomas Jefferson, no doubt.  Sure, in areas like child labor or racial and gender discrimination, the government must step in to assure that all Americans are treated fairly and are given the same opportunities.  But, trying to assure equal outcomes is not the role of government.  Our rights as citizens of this great country of ours come from “Nature and Nature’s God,” not the government.  President Calvin Coolidge said it best when he said, “The business of America is business.”

Obamacare – I am for some form of national healthcare and have written on it extensively but not for the form that President Obama forced through Congress with no compromise.  In fact, the only way that it was passed in the U. S. Senate was by the vote of Vice President Joe Biden.   Not a single Republican Senator voted for it.  So much for the bipartisanship that candidate Barack Obama promised us.  He engaged in a no-compromise brinkmanship to get what he wanted, despite the fact that poll after poll continues to show that a large majority of Americans don’t want this form of national healthcare with its mandate to purchase insurance.  The recent U. S. Supreme Court decision called this “mandate” a “tax.”  This is the largest tax increase in U. S. History.  So much for not raising taxes on the middle class Americans too!  I believe that our country is much too generous to make families with children and others with pre-existent conditions to suffer without healthcare.  I believe that we have to deal with pre-existing conditions which the Republicans were willing to do.  The U. S. Government should subsidize a family whose child has been born with pre-existing conditions.  This is humane, and it is something that the U. S. Government should do.  Also, some form of a healthcare safety net (much like public schooling) should be in place for those who cannot afford private care (like private schooling).  But, making all Americans purchase healthcare is a bit beyond the pale.  This probably more than anything else that the Obama Administration has done has put a chilling effect upon the economy.  Businessmen and businesswomen are simply afraid to expand their businesses with this healthcare mandate hanging over their heads.

Taxes – You cannot tax your way out of a recession, especially a deep recession like we have.  Demagoguing about taxing the rich is perhaps good politics but it is very poor policy.   In 2009, the top “1%” that the Democrats like to talk about already paid 36.73% of all of the Federal taxes, and the top 10% paid 70.47%.  The bottom 50% of income producers paid a whopping 2.25%.  So, all of the Obama Administration’s talking about the rich paying their “fair share” is pure demagoguery scraped from the bottom of the political gutter.  The country will reaps billions more in revenue if there is just a 4% growth in the economy rather than continuing to pour on more and more taxes, especially taxes on the small business owners which is exactly where much of the proposed taxes from the Obama Administration will hit.  Growth in the economy yields much more revenue than taxes can ever yield.  This is just a mathematical fact.  The Obama Administration has either flunked this basic math course or rather chooses to ignore it because demagoguing about “taxing the rich” is such irresistible patter among the Democrats.  © JRAT, August 12, 2012.

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