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The Voters are Weary of Barack Obama…Weary of the Questions About This Man, Weary of His Hubris, and Weary of the Economic Stagnation Which He Has Not Solved.

by John R. Alston Trotter, EdD, JD

WARNING:  Those of you who are gung-ho President Obama supporters will probably not want to watch these videos.  The truth has a tendency to make people mad.  A truth-seeker follows the truth wherever it leads him or her.  For the record, I voted for President Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary and in the General Election in 2008.  So, I really don’t have an ax to grind.  For the record also, I have watched videos wherein several people close to the Obama family who ought to know where he was born (including his Kenyan grandmother, Kenyan official, Kenyan friends) say that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and Kenya even has an official marker commemorating his alleged birth there.  Also, for several years, Barack Obama’s book agent had been promulgating his “official” biography, calling him “Kenyan born.”  In fact, you can see on one of these videos where the First Lady, Micelle Obama, calls Kenya the President’s “home country.”  I thought that the U. S. A. was my “home country.”  I have many, many ancestors from England, Scotland, and even Normandy but Great Britain and France are not my “home countries.”  Oh well, maybe this was simply a mistake or slip of the tongue.  Very possible.

Now, what’s the big deal?  Is President Obama an American?  I am sure.  The rules are a bit complicated, though.  They change from time to time and, from what I understand, from country to country.  And, if you are an American citizen and are abroad and plan on having a child while you are abroad, then it is imperative to check with the U. S. Embassy in the country where you are currently residing or staying to find out the American naturalization rules for babies born to one or more American parents abroad.  By the way, the U. S. Constitution says that only “natural born” citizens are eligible to run for President.  This rules out Kissinger and Arnold.

Initially, I didn’t keep up much with all the talk about President Obama’s birth certificate (or the lack thereof).  I have heard and seen some accounts of the allegations that it has been doctored up, so to speak.  But, I think from watching the first YouTube video below with this digital documents expert going over the birth certificate that is on the White House website will give you pause and make you utter, “Hmmm.”

It is very easy and chic to simply to dismiss people who are demanding some answers as “kooks,” just as the President Nixon and his ardent followers tried to deal so dismissively with Daniel Ellsberg.  Remember that it was Daniel Ellsberg who leaked “the Pentagon Papers” to The New York Times (and to many newspapers later), showing the fraudulent dealings of our government relative to our engagement (euphemism for “war”) in Viet Nam.  It was the White House “plumbers” who were determined to stop the “leaks” that led to the breaking into Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office in the office/apartment building named Watergate.  The “plumbers” were caught.  One revelation led to the next, and eventually a very popular President who had just captured 49 states in the 1972 election resigned from the Presidency in disgrace, the only President to have ever done so.  The journalistic vigor of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein is not seen among today’s reporters, at least relative to the alleged scandals of President Obama, including the birth certificate episode.  Note:  Bob Woodward is still hitting both sides pretty strongly.  I have his recent book, The Price ofPolitics, right here beside me in Brazil.  He is quite critical of President Obama in this book, as he also criticizes the Republican leaders.

Now please keep this straight:  I am not saying one way or another if President Obama was born outside of the United States, in Kenya or elsewhere.  What I am suggesting is that for one reason or the other, the White House apparently has seen an urgent need to post a PDF of a document alleging to be the President’s birth certificate which contains many, many alterations.  As they often say out in the country, “Som’pin in da milk ain’t clean.”

The person who analyzes the birth certificate on the White House website is a digital expert.  This is not some Johnny-come-lately person who has a bone to pick.  Why are the anomalies present?  Why did it take even three years for the President to release this?  Why aren’t his college records from Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard available to the public?  What is he trying to hide?  I presume that it is something…or he would have released the records.  Did he get into Columbia as an Indonesian national?  Some think that he did.  Even though his records have not been officially released, the “Street Committee” (viz., those few who remember him at Occidental) apparently doesn’t give his academic performance at Occidental stellar reviews.  What is the secret past of Barack Obama?  He got clobbered when he ran against Congressman Bobby Rush in Illinois.  But, suddenly, this “Manchurian”-type candidate gets enough money to to run for and win a seat to the U. S. Senate, and a couple of years later he receives the nod from National Democratic leaders to run for the White House.  This sort of makes you think, “Hmmm.”

Note:  Barack Obama was indeed enrolled in school in Indonesia with the nationality of an Indonesian, not an American, and as a Muslim, with the last name as Barry Soetoro.

Islam “paved the way for European Renaissance and Enlightenment”?  Hmmm.  According to President Obama, this is the case.  He sure seems willing to extol the virtues of Islam but is so picayunish about extolling the goodness of the United States of America.

I think that it is a combination of recurring questions about his background, disingenuous statements about situations like Benghazi, apparent lack of enthusiasm for the U. S. A., a terrible economy with no visible vision for how to get it going, arrogance, hubris, incompetence relative to even passing a budget, etc., that has caused the American public to become weary with Barack Obama.  The public became weary with Jimmy Carter in 1980.  A change took place then, and I believe that we will see a similar change take place this coming week.

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4 thoughts on “The Voters are Weary of Barack Obama…Weary of the Questions About This Man, Weary of His Hubris, and Weary of the Economic Stagnation Which He Has Not Solved.

  1. ehancock on said:

    Re: “Note: Barack Obama was indeed enrolled in school in Indonesia with the nationality of an Indonesian, not an American, and as a Muslim, with the last name as Barry Soetoro.”

    Answer: Sure the unsigned school application claims that Obama was an Indonesian and a Muslim, but who filled it out? What we do know is that Obama was never an Indonesian citizen. How do we know? Because if you call the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, that is what they say, and you can call yourself if you doubt it (ask for the press officer).

    • thegeorgiacitizen on said:

      I don’t doubt that you called and got that response. No problem. But, there remains lots of questions. Are you saying that the form on the video is not the enrollment form for young Barack Obama for Catholic school? You may be right. I don’t know.

      • ehancock on said:

        No, it was an enrollment form, but it was not signed.

        So, who filled it in? Perhaps only a clerk. Well, clerks have sometimes to fill quotas—such as quotas for Indonesian citizens and persons of a religion other than Catholic (it was a Catholic school). So perhaps that was the motive.

        But Obama was never an Indonesian citizen. Even if the parents filled in the form, they still would have been lying. How do we know? Because the Indonesian government says that Obama was never a citizen of Indonesia.

  2. ehancock on said:

    The man who you claimed that the voters are “weary” of, and who was never an Indonesian citizen or born in Kenya, was re-elected President of the United States last night. He won both a majority of the popular vote and a clear majority of the Electoral College vote.

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