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We Wish President Obama Good Luck in His Second Term. Second Terms are Usually Tough. We Hope that He Defies the Odds!

Many Americans have strong feelings for or against President Obama.  Some are rapturous that a man of color is in the White House.  This is understandable.  Some can hardly say his name without choking.  This is not so understandable to me.  While I disagree strongly in many of his policies, especially his economic ones, he is our elected leader.  He was elected President of the United States on two occasions, and he and his family have earned four more years of public housing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama Painting

What are my problems with his economic policies?  I feel strongly that President Obama doesn’t understand business.  He’s never been in business, but neither had Ronald Reagan, if my memory serves me correctly.  I feel that our society is becoming an entitlement society – including corporate entitlements.  Many people just look to the government for a handout each month.  Many corporations like Halliburton also look to the government to line its corporate troughs with billions.  Both are wrong.

I am in Brazil for this Second Obama Inauguration.  I remember being in a Brazil hotel on January 20, 2009 watching the First Obama Inauguration on Fox News.  Today, I am not so lucky.  I just read about it on Facebook and elsewhere.

I have an American friend who told me just yesterday that besides his main business as an owner of several automobile dealerships, he owns 40 houses with people paying rent via Section 8.  He says that virtually none of the 40 families in the houses have people who are working.  Each household receives multiple government checks.  There is no incentive to work because many of these households receive about $2,000 in total income from the Federal Government, and if they worked, they would lose these benefits.  There no such thing here in Brazil.  Everyone works.  Everyone is hustling.  If you aren’t selling bottled water out on the street and even the major highways, then you are collecting used plastic bottles on the beach.  You are doing something to try to put some black beans and rice on the table.

There is public healthcare down here, but most of the people with whom I have interacted through the years do everything that they can to get off of it because the lines and the hours and hours of waiting to see a physician are incredible.  You can purchase a private healthcare plan for very reasonable prices and then go to private physicians and private hospitals.  But, sitting at home on your rear end and drawing checks from the Federal Government is unheard of.  It simply doesn’t exist down here.

The economy of Brazil is growing, but it doesn’t hurt that the World Cup of Futebol is coming here in 2014 and the Summer Olympics is coming in 2016.  But, you get a sense that this and other South American countries are growing countries.  Yes, they are still a little behind the times in so many ways.  I do know this.  Yes, I do.  There are so many things that I miss daily about the U. S.  But, the U. S. cannot become too comfortable with what we, by God’s grace, have built.  The tendency of reaching a plateau or being content with arrested development is dangerous.  If we are not growing in our economy, then it is slowly dying.  If we think that it is O. K. for one-half of the country to work and pay the taxes and the other half not work, pay no taxes, and just draw financial benefits from the Government, then this is some messed up thinking.

Personally, I think that the National Democratic Party has a vested interest in keeping a sizeable portion of our population dependent on the Government for financial benefits.  I am not talking about older people or young people or the disabled.  You know that I am talking about people who are too lazy to work, people who refuse to work,  people who prefer to simply draw different checks from the Government to give them sustenance.  You may say, “What does President Obama have to do with this?”  A lot.  Under his administration, virtually every area of entitlements proliferated during his first four years.

My same American friends from Missouri were noting yesterday that one of the young men who has one crippled leg was selling ice cream on the beach this year whereas last year he carried a large black plastic sack and collected trash.  I am sure that this is a promotion.  But, in the United States, this gentleman would probably never be working because the Government would want to step in and “help” him by taking away his dignity of hard work.  Sometimes the “cure” is much worse than the “ailment.”

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