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Free Boxing Mogul Don (Moose) Lewis and Boxers from Benin Bandits!

From a reliable source, boxing mogul and owner of the World Athletic Association (WAA) and the International Boxing Union (IBU) is being held, along with two American boxers (including one who is in the U. S. Army), against their will in Benin Airport which is located in a city in Nigeria, the country to the east of Benin.  Benin is buttressed to the west by the tiny African country named Togo.  Apparently, these bandits want Mr. Lewis and the two boxers to pay money before they will be released.  Although Benin is a small African country, a former colony of France, this kidnapping could touch off an international controversy, a controversy that the United States government does not need in light of the many other controversies which have broken out recently.

Don Lewis

American boxing mogul Don Lewis and two Boxers are apparently being held against their will in the tiny African country of Benin.  Lewis has been able to talk to his American attorney, Preston Haliburton, who reportedly has communicated with and met with influential American officials and operatives, including the American Embassy.   Apparently, these Benin Bandits think that they can shake down Mr. Lewis and the boxers for money. 

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8 thoughts on “Free Boxing Mogul Don (Moose) Lewis and Boxers from Benin Bandits!

  1. Chris on said:

    Your story is completely wrong. Heard from reliable sources that Don is being held because he tried to scam the boxers out of advanced money. The only incident worthy of investigation is the habits of Don not giving the fighter there [sic] advance money, and other shady practices. His business ethics are worth looking into. In one word, he is shady.

    • Just me. on said:

      Chris: Your response appears based on hearsay and the desire to smear the name of Don (Moose) Lewis. It is not our story about how he treats boxers. Our story was about how as an American citizen he was treated in the Republic of Benin. Sure, President George W. Bush was apparently received very well by President Yayi Boni in Benin in 2008 when he visited the country. Our interest is how the average America will be treated in the small West African country. It is our understanding that the boxing federation of Benin has invited Don Lewis and the boxers for the event, arranged for the temporary entertainment visas to enter the country, but later refused to allow them to leave the country until Mr. Lewis paid them off. This sounds like a kidnapping and extortion to us. We could be wrong. We look forward to interviewing Mr. Lewis about the matter. We have been talking with his attorney, Mr. Preston Haliburton, Esq. of Atlanta.

      • Chris on said:

        I still stick by my sources. But I do look forward to what you find out about why he was retained. And when interviewing him you should ask how much advance money for training he actually gave the fighters. And then I do hope you will interview the fighters and ask them that same question.

  2. Dear author. Thank you for this article about the unfortunate kidnap of Boxing Mogul Don Lewis and two American boxers. While this is a very unfortunate incident, it is our hope that the abducted individuals regain their freedom immediately and our thoughts and prayers are with their families who are deeply distressed at this time. I find it very strange that the IBU boss went to an African country and from all accounts in the media without any relevant Authority of the Beninoise Government being involved with his trip. Every foreign dignitary of his standing and nature of business is usually invited, received and given full retinue of State courtesy and protection in writing by the Government of the country being visited, even if for a private sporting event. As an American based professional Boxer and boxing promoter of Nigerian origin, I am drawn particularly to a portion of your report which states thus; “against their will in Benin Airport which is located in a city in Nigeria”. This information is incorrect, self contradictory and very misleading. Benin is an independent republic in West Africa and bears no connection to Nigeria’s Benin City, therefore stating that it is ‘located in a City in Nigeria’ is very erroneous please. Kindly issue a rejoinder, retracting and correcting that misinformation please.

    • Just me. on said:

      Dear Mr. Enobong Umohette:

      The Georgia Citizen is sticking by its initial report about the uncalled-for detainment of and apparently uncouth treatment of Mr. Don (Moose) Lewis, the Proprietor of the International Boxing Union (IBU) and World Boxing Association (WBA). From talking to Preston Haliburton, Mr. Lewis’s attorney, Mr. Lewis is in fact prohibited from being part of the promotion of fights since his interest is in the sanctioning of the fights. He heads up two sanctioning bodies. But, we readily concede that our report about the airport was in error. There are indeed several airports in the very small West African country of Benin, formerly French Dahomey during the Colonial Days. The largest airport is evidently the international airport in city of Contonou on the coast. From 1972 until 1990, Benin was a Marxist-Leninist Republic. It is the home of the Voodoo religion. Our questions for now are this: Why were the three boxers detained also…for 72 hours as was Mr. Lewis? Why was Mr. Lewis required to pay, as reported to The Georgia Citizen, $7,000 American Dollars? It is our understanding that Mr. Lewis and the boxers were there at the invitation of the Benin boxing federation (we don’t if this is the name). Where is Mr. Lewis’s Passport?

  3. I wish to thank The Georgia Citizen for bringing this to light. I will be issuing a press release within the next 24 hours with more details of the ordeal. I also invite any questions on my “shady” business practices from any legitimate entity or person. Finally, I wish to thank my family for their unwavering support and effort to bring me home and to give my everlasting gratitude to the office of Congressman Phil Gingrey for their relentless work with the State Department in both monitoring the situation and being a conduit of information to so many. Congressman Gingrey and his staff are great Americans and even greater humanitarians.

    • Just me. on said:

      Mr. Lewis,

      We look forward to your press conference. We are glad to see that you made it home safely, and as an American journalistic enterprise, we denounce such reprehensible actions of behalf of those responsible in the Republic of Benin and we ask that President Yayi Boni investigate this matter, if he wants to sit at the table of civilized countries.

  4. Roland Hanff on said:

    It will be interesting to learn what BOTH sides tell about the reasons of this unfortunate situation. Mr Lewis will give a public statement. I hope that the Georgia Citizen will also inform us about the story as the Benin side sees it. Then, and only then, we can make our own opinion.

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