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Controversy Still Swirling about Don (Moose) Lewis’s and Three Boxers’ Detainment and Treatment in the Republic of Benin.

Last week, we related a story of which we were being kept abreast about the apparent detainment of American and world boxing mogul, Don (Moose) Lewis in the tiny country of Benin in West Africa.  Since this initial report was made, Mr. Lewis and the boxers were released.  They were detained, we have been told, for 72 hours.  We received two responses apparently from sources who were obviously wanting to exonerate Benin this bizarre happening in Benin.  The Georgia Citizen posted their comments and made in the story below.  Here’s our brief response to their accounts of what might have happened.


Dear Mr. Enobong Umohette:

The Georgia Citizen is sticking by its initial report about the uncalled-for detainment of and apparently uncouth treatment of Mr. Don (Moose) Lewis, the Proprietor of the International Boxing Union (IBU) and World Boxing Association (WBA).  From talking to Preston Haliburton, Mr. Lewis’s attorney, Mr. Lewis is in fact prohibited from being part of the promotion of fights since his interest is in the sanctioning of the fights.  He heads up two sanctioning bodies.  But, we readily concede that our report about the airport was in error.  There are indeed several airports in the very small West African country of Benin, formerly French Dahomey during the Colonial Days.  The largest airport is evidently the international airport in city of Contonou on the coast.  From 1972 until 1990, Benin was a Marxist-Leninist Republic.  It is the home of the Voodoo religion.  Our questions for now are this:  Why were the three boxers detained also…for 72 hours as was Mr. Lewis?  Why was Mr. Lewis required to pay, as reported to The Georgia Citizen, $7,000 American Dollars?  It is our understanding that Mr. Lewis and the boxers were there at the invitation of the Benin boxing federation (we don’t if this is the name).  Where is Mr. Lewis’s Passport?

Benin's main airport


Your response appears based on hearsay and the desire to smear the name of Don (Moose) Lewis. It is not our story about how he treats boxers. Our story was about how as an American citizen he was treated in the Republic of Benin. Sure, President George W. Bush was apparently received very well by President Yayi Boni in Benin in 2008 when he visited the country. Our interest is how the average America will be treated in the small West African country. It is our understanding that the boxing federation of Benin has invited Don Lewis and the boxers for the event, arranged for the temporary entertainment visas to enter the country, but later refused to allow them to leave the country until Mr. Lewis paid them off. This sounds like a kidnapping and extortion to us. We could be wrong. We look forward to interviewing Mr. Lewis about the matter. We have been talking with his attorney, Mr. Preston Haliburton, Esq. of Atlanta.

Bush and Yayi


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