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Boxing Mogul Don (Moose) Lewis Thanks His Family, The Georgia Citizen, and Congressman Gingrey and His Staff!


Statement By Don (Moose) Lewis:

“I wish to thank The Georgia Citizen for bringing this to light. I will be issuing a press release within the next 24 hours with more details of the ordeal. I also invite any questions on my ‘shady’ business practices from any legitimate entity or person. Finally, I wish to thank my family for their unwavering support and effort to bring me home and to give my everlasting gratitude to the office of Congressman Phil Gingrey for their relentless work with the State Department in both monitoring the situation and being a conduit of information to so many. Congressman Gingrey and his staff are great Americans and even greater humanitarians.”

Don Lewis

Don Lewis heads up the IBU.

The Georgia Citizen looks forward to Mr. Lewis’s press conference.  As an American journalistic enterprise, we still denounce these reprehensible actions which apparently took place in the Republic of Benin, and The Georgia Citizen calls upon the President of Benin, Mr. Yayi Boni, to conduct an investigation of what took place and why, if he wants to sit at the table of civilized countries.

Bush and Yayi

President Boni (R) welcomed President Bush (L) to Benin in 2008.


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One thought on “Boxing Mogul Don (Moose) Lewis Thanks His Family, The Georgia Citizen, and Congressman Gingrey and His Staff!

  1. Roland Hanff on said:

    Please keep us informed about the press conference. Currently, we do not know anything concrete about the reason why Mr Lewis was detained. Could the georgia Citizen investigate and contact the Embassy of Benin or authorities of that country in order to hear their story, as mr Lewis apparently will give his story in a few days….

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