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Will Democrats Rise Up in Georgia? No, They Didn’t. Republicans Kicked Ass!

I hope that the Republicans don’t have their hopes too high in Georgia. It may be a disappointing night. My sources tell us that there is a huge black turnout…especially for a Congressional year election.  They tell us that there is a huge turnout in Clayton County.  It will prove to be an interesting evening.  Stay tuned.


So, the elections are over…well, except in the tight U. S. Senate Seat in Virginia where Warner was supposed to walk away with it.  Our sources were wrong!  LOL!  Too many of the Democrat voters stayed home, but the Republican voters came in masses.  They were fired up.  It appears that the coat tails of Bill and Hillary Clinton were certainly not long.  Michelle Obama’s help was also not enough.  Heck, most Democrat candidates wanted the President to just stay away.  His home state, Illinois, even elected a Republican to the U. S. Senate, as did Massachusetts, Maryland, and Connecticut.  The year 2012 was not repeated.  In 2012, minorities came out to vote in disproportional numbers.  Our earlier report was that the same thing was happening.  Obviously, our sources were wrong.  Even Georgia outright elected Republican Perdue without heading to a run-off, as was predicted.

Yes, the Republicans kicked ass in 2014.  Will this same ass-whoopin’ hold up in the Presidential year in 2016?  Stay tuned.

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