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West Georgia Businessman, Mike Lee, Has Been Focus of Several Recent Pickets

West Georgia Businessman, Mike Lee, Has Been Focus of Several Recent Pickets

Mike Lee, a Carrollton resident who principally conducts his storage business and house-flipping business in Douglasville, has been the subject and focus of several recent pickets in Douglasville and Carrollton. Mr. Lee was also taken to Magistrate Court in Carrollton by J. B. Stanley who contends that Mike Lee stiffed him of a return on his investment in Lee’s real estate transaction. “I invested $20,000.00 in one of Mr. Lee’s real estate transactions in February of 2015. I wired the money to his attorney. Our explicit agreement was that when Mr. Lee sold the house that he was flipping after renovations that I would get my $20,000.00 back plus a two thousand dollar return on my investment,” Stanley contends. Apparently Lee sold the house in July, and Stanley apparently got back neither his original investment nor the ten percent return on the investment. Eventually, Stanley took Lee to court on “theft by conversion,” and the very public pickets began.

Mike Lee2

Mr. Lee apparently is active in Midway Baptist Church in Carroll County and serves on the West Georgia Technical College Board of Directors. Two of the pickets were staged in front of the corporate office of West Georgia Technical College on the town square in Carrollton. This got the attention of the West Georgia Tech administrators, including President Steve Daniel. The administrators were urging the picketers to try to resolve the matters privately. One of the picket signs called upon Midway Baptist Church and West Georgia Technical College to “help” with the money. A red picket sign stated, “Seeing Red Over $22,000.00!” Mr. Stanley’s pink sign read, “Give Me Back My Money!” A yellow sign asked, “Mike Lee, Where’s the Money?” A green sign bluntly stated, “Mike Lee, Give Back the Money!”

Mike Lee3

Mr. Lee and his wife are apparently active in the Carrollton High School Cheerleaders Booster Club where their daughter is a cheerleader and was the football homecoming queen.

Mike Lee4

Mr. Stanley stated to The Georgia Citizen that the Magistrate Court Judge asked both parties to attend mediation. Mr. Stanley stated that after the mediation and the second picket that Mr. Lee offered to pay $15,000.00. “I refused that amount because I want all of my money back.” Asked if there will be any more pickets, Mr. Stanley stated, “Definitely. One is planned for the Carrollton High School graduation. Trust me. This won’t be a Trojan Horse,” he stated in obvious reference to the Carrollton High School mascot.

Mike Lee12

Mike Lee16

Mr. Stanley states that Mr. Lee has acknowledged to him and his attorney that he owes the money. “How does this man think that he can just cheat someone out of $22,000.00 and get by with it?” Stanley rhetorically asked.

Mike Lee22

The Georgia Citizen attempted to contract Mr. Lee at his place of business in Douglas County, but he was not available for comment. His secretary stated that Mr. Lee would be out of town until next week. Should Mr. Lee want to comment on whether or not he pilfered $22,000.00, The Georgia Citizen will certainly provide him space to do so.

Mike Lee11

Mike Lee17

Mike Lee1

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