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Another Superintendent Clown? Indeed, What in the Heck is Going on in Rockdale County?

From reading different posts on the internet, it appears that Superintendent Richard Autry has stepped into some deep do do in his short tenure in Rockdale County.  Since when are teachers found “guilty” when they are assaulted and attacked by a student(s)?  We hear that the teacher was even hurt.  Yet, the school system wants the teacher to accept a five-day suspension in this matter.  Animal Farm?  The prisoners are now running the prisons, heh?  Perhaps school systems and school boards should take the sage advice of former Clayton County Board of Education member, Norreese Haynes.  He consistently called for the removal of the “thugs” from the Clayton County School System.  His famous quote was and is, “Order is the first law of the Universe.”  Mr. Richard Autry, Rockdale County schools need more order.  And, quite frankly, the teacher needs an apology…from you, sir.

superintendent clown

Will Rockdale County’s Richard Autry nominated to the Superintendent Clowns of America?

For more reading on this story, follow the link below.

Hey Superintendent Richard Autry, What in the Hell is Going Out in Rockdale County?

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