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John Trotter’s Political Elixir can be Purchased from Amazon or from Big Daddy Publishers

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“I finished Political Elixir today.  I loved it!  Very intriguing and informative with colorful characters.  Great writing!!” — Stefan Burkhalter.
`’This is a damn good novel.” — J. B. Stanley.
“I couldn’t put it down!” — Norreese Haynes.
“I promise you.  You will love it!  I loved it.” — Michael Vanyo.
“This novel is a page-turner!” — Sharlene Gipson.
“This masterpiece of story-telling is destined to be a number one political novel for any time period, location, or culture.  It ought to be in the library of anyone interested in politics and culture.” — James (Gunny) Yawn.

     Political Elixir is John Trotter’s poignant story of politics told within the textured fabric of the American South as woven by threads of race, sex, class, power, hate, love, hope, and redemption.  Trotter’s story is deftly crafted with the nuanced images which can only be created by a literary artist who has experienced such scenes up close.

This contemporary political novel is rooted in Jackson, Mississippi; Atlanta, Georgia; Salvador, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Washington, D. C.  Southerners are uniquely concerned about roots – where you are from and where happenings took place.  Southerners are more place-bound than any other Americans.  Southerners want to know your background and who your parents are.  That is why this story is such a Southern story.

This is the story of how class, race, sex, hate, power, love, hope, and redemption are interwoven in life.  The backdrop of the story is two near octogenarian white men who are enormously wealthy and fathered two sons by two Negro maids who worked in their respective homes.  These two men, who were close friends since their glory days at Ole Miss University and the University of Georgia Law School, are scions of huge family wealth.  One knew from the beginning that he had sired “a little colored boy.”  The other found out very suddenly many years later.  Both men have big dreams for their mixed-race sons, their African American sons.

This is the story of how all of their lives intersected and formed a powerful bond.  A story of redemption, born of mistrust and doubt.  The near aborted relationships remained intact, though sometimes dangling by the proverbial threads.  The bonds of family prevail.

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