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Mike Lee, Carrollton Businessman and Community Activist, Sued in State Court of Carroll by Joshua B. Stanley

Earlier, The Georgia Citizen reported on a controversy which had been brewing in West Georgia wherein Haralson County resident, Joshua B. Stanley had alleged that Mike Lee, formerly of Douglas County but now a resident of Carrollton, Georgia in Carroll County, had lured him into loaning the businessman $20,000.00 with a promise of a $2,000.00 return on the investment.  According to the allegations as well as a law suit filed by Stanley against Lee in the State County of Carroll County, Mr. Lee was to take the loan and purchase a house — perhaps from those homes in foreclosure and owned by SunTrust Bank where Mr. Lee’s wife, Lisa Lee, was working.  After Mr. Lee renovated the house and sold it (which he did indeed sell), he was, according to Mr. Stanley, to pay back the #20,000.00 and also pay Mr. Stanley an additional $2,000.00 for return on Mr. Stanley’s investment.  According to the law suit, Mr. Lee has done neither.  Mr. Stanley, according to him, was left with a big fat goose egg, so to speak.
Mr. Stanley brought his suit against Mike Lee, who serves on the Board of Directors of West Georgia Technical College and is active in the Midway Baptist Church, Mrs. Lisa Lee, and against the SunTrust Bank.  We have learned that Mr. Stanley later dismissed the actions against the latter two, but the law suit for fraud and other factors against Mr. Mike Lee is still trudging forward through the State Court of Carroll County.
For more details about this controversy, see The Georgia Citizen’s article of April 5, 2016.

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