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Experience Is The Difference In The Wild & Woolly GOP Primary In Georgia’s 7th Congressional District!

Yes, it appears that legislative experience will be the difference in Georgia’s GOP Primary in the wild and woolly 7th Congressional District.  This district has brought national headlines ever since Democrat Carolyn Bordeaux came within a little over 400 votes of defeating long-term Republican Congressman Rob Woodall in 2018.  Traditionally, Georgia’s 7th Congressional District located in Atlanta’s bedroom community of Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties has been considered a safe Republican district.  But, the sprawling county of Gwinnett has seen much demographic change in recent years.  Gwinnett County is now a majority-minority county.  With Woodall retiring from Congress, this race has attracted many candidates, including Ms. Bordeaux in the Democratic Primary.

There are a host of candidates vying for the Republican nomination.  But, it appears that at this juncture that two candidates, State Senator Renee Unterman and political newcomer Rich McCormick, are drawing the most attention.  Within the past week, an anonymous and rather scandalous mailing was sent to voters with Renee Unterman’s photo at the top with the headline, “Why the Bimbo?”  Apparently, this mailing has backfired on the sender(s) because many voters were offended by such uncouthness of the mailing.  Unterman says that such treatment of conservative females makes her even more determined to fight the good fight.   Also, one of the lesser known candidates sent out a video calling McCormick “Phony Rich.”  McCormick appears to hail from “parts unknown,” to use some pro wrestling parlance.  Some are calling him the “Mystery Man.”

Unterman was born and raised in Gwinnett County.  She graduated from Georgia State University with a nursing degree.  She worked for years as a Registered Nurse.  She is closely aligned with the nurses of Georgia.  She later earned a graduate degree from the University of Georgia.  She served as Mayor of Loganville, Gwinnett County Commissioner, several years in the State House, and has served the last 18 years in the State Senate of Georgia where she has championed many conservative causes such as the Heartbeat Bill which she authored.  This bill has been the most pro-life bill offered up in the Georgia legislature.  Senator Unterman has made the fight against human trafficking one of her more ardent causes.  She voted for the largest income tax cut in Georgia history and voted for “stand your ground” legislation to defend Georgians’ Second Amendment rights.  Senator Unterman has been an active Republican for more than three decades, attending many state and national GOP conventions.  Yesterday, former Georgia governor Nathan Deal publicly endorsed Senator Unterman for Congress.  Georgia’s Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, all the Republican mayors in Gwinnett County, the Gwinnett County Commission Chairman, the Gwinnett County District Attorney, and the Gwinnett County Sheriff have all endorsed Senator Unterman for Congress.  The Senator is married and is the mother of two children.

McCormick is a newcomer to this part of Georgian, now living with his wife and children in Suwannee.  He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  He graduated from Oregon State University.  He later earned a MBA from National University, a school located out of San Diego, California and a leader in online education.  McCormick spent more than 20 years in the Marine Corps and Navy and was a Marine helicopter pilot, spending time in Africa, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan.  He apparently first moved to Georgia when attending the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.  Recently, Dr. McCormick has been drawing attention for the political commercials that he is running on FOX News, claiming to be a Republican conservative and a strong supporter of President Trump.  But, Dr. McCormick has come under fire from his opponents who state that McCormick was not that supportive of Trump since he did not vote in the GOP Presidential Primary nor in the General Election in 2016.  Also, there appears to be no evidence that McCormick has ever voted in any Republican Primary in Georgia which is the traditional place where a person can show his or her GOP bona fides.  McCormick has been endorsed by one-term congressman Allen West and also by the Medical Association of Georgia.  Dr. McCormick is married and has seven children.

The crowded GOP field will more than likely cause this race to go to a run-off election.  The run-off will probably be between Senator Unterman and Dr. McCormick.  The real difference in this race does not seem to be issues.  Both candidates appear to be conservative on the issues and are pro-Trump.  The big difference is that one candidate has a Republican legislative record on the issues, and the other candidate does not even have a record of being a Republican.


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