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Collins Still Has Big Lead in Hunch Polling’s Facebook Poll

Congressman Doug Collins has a big lead in Hunch Polling’s latest Facebook Poll. Collins is “again throttling Senator Kelly Loeffler in our 3rd Facebook poll,” says Dr. John Rhodes. “We simply asked the Facebook participants the following: ‘If the election were held today, would you vote for Kelly Loeffler or Doug Collins for U. S. Senator?'”

The subjects of the poll were around 5,000 Facebook readers, most of whom are Republicans. But, all can particpate, Democrats and Independents alike. The base is a large cross section of Republicans. Dr. Rhodes states that “many comments are made for both Collins and Loeffler, and it appears that at least 65% of the participants are supporting Doug Collins.”

Senator Loeffler has definitely climbed in the minds of Georgians. She was embarrassingly trounced in the first two of Hunch Polling’s Facebook polls, garnering only about 20% of the votes. But, throwing about $15 million on television and radio ads have moved the needle.

Hunch Polling has Collins and Loeffler finishing #1 and #2 in this jungle primary, but a Democrat could slip into the #2 position. This race is the race to fill Johnny Isakson’s unexpired term.

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