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Haliburton Provides Insightful & Colorful Take on the Reserve Clause as it Relates to Arizona and Other States Auditing the 2020 Elections

Recently, The Georgia Citizen asked well-known and highly influential Constitutional and Election Law expert Preston Haliburtion his reaction to the Biden Justice Department’s not-so-veiled threat toward the Arizona Legislature’s due diligence in auditing the 2020 election in its state. Haliburton elucidated his insightful opinion on the matter thusly: “In 1787, Jefferson proposed a Bill of Rights to our newly written Constitution. This Bill of Rights was written by Jefferson’s friend and fellow Virginian, James Madison. Many states, including Georgia, refused to ratify this newly formed Constitution which had been chiseled into figurative stone by delegates from the various states from May through September of 1787 in the sweltering heat in Philadelphia. This Constitutional Convention was full of the greatest Patriotic minds from the various states, including Washington, Jefferson, and Madison from Virginia, Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania, and Alexander Hamilton and Gouverneur Morris of New York, the latter of whom actually wrote the famous Preamble (‘We the People of the United States…’) as well as the rest of the final draft along with fellow committee men, James Madison, Rufus King, William Johnson, and Alexander Hamilton. Many states, including Georgia, insisted on the addition of the first ten amendments which we call The Bill of Rights. These delegates to the Constitutional Convention were brilliant and made no mistake when adding the 10th and last amendment to the Bill of Rights: Those rights not delegated to the Federal Government and not prohibited to the States are reserved to the States. In these Reserved Rights are the conducting of elections, counting the votes, and certifying the elections thereof. Any attempt by the Federal Government to chip away at these Constitutional Rights reserved for the States is an egregious and flagrant violation of the United States Constitution and would deservedly cause the inimitable Gouverneur Morris to metaphorically rise from the grave and to kick some Constitutional butt like an old time pugilist.”

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